Creator of philoSophie's Shares The Inspiration Behind Her Lifestyle Brand

Who’s behind philoSophie’s®?

Hi! I’m Joanna Alberti. I am an illustrator, writer and small business owner. I design artwork under the lifestyle brand - philoSophie's®.

Joanna Alberti

philoSophie's® are humorous and motivating thoughts on life, friendship, love and the power of positive thinking. philoSophie's® are designed onto greeting cards, gifts, invitations and now prepaid cards! Check out the new designs here.


What inspired you to start your philoSophie’s® and your own business?

I started my own business because I had a passion to expand on my creative concept - I hope to think I help people start their day with a smile when they drink out of a philoSophie’s® coffee mug, or make the mundane like grocery shopping fun with a checklist. Greeting cards and stationery help to spread laughter and remind people that they’re important and thought of.

Product Pic

I also wanted to bring a unique character brand to the gift and greeting card market and inspire people through my illustrations. 

Girl Boss

Why do you like being a small business owner?

I enjoy hard work and practicing patience. I like challenges, compromising and negotiating. I like being a small business owner because you set the course for the direction of your work and life. I pour these experiences into philoSophie’s® to create inspirational art. Everyone can identify with the fun and fabulous fictional character, Sophie, and her philosophies because we’re all trying to find balance, be confident and be our best self.

Sophie Wine

How has your business impacted your community?

I am part of a community of small business owners in the Village of Spencerport in upstate NY. philoSophie’s® is a studio/boutique. Meaning I design everything from the studio and run a retail shop. It’s fun to test new products and see people’s reactions to new illustrations. It helps to keep a beat on what’s trending and bring the best products and philoSophie’s® to a larger audience through partnerships like

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