Artist Spotlight: Josephine Wall

Josephine Wall inspires many through her beautiful paintings that capture the inner mystical imaginations of fantasy lovers. We sat down with her to learn the story behind the artist, and what advice she might have for any aspiring creatives.

Josephine Wall - Lucky

When did you first discover your talent? Did anyone encourage it?

American Mensa – Bringing Brilliant Minds Together

Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ organization dedicated to identifying and fostering human intelligence for the benefit of all. As part of Mensa Membership month, this October, anyone can take the Official Mensa Admission Test for just $20 (50% savings). We sat down with the staff at American Mensa to learn the details behind the organization and how one goes about becoming a member.

American Mensa

Tim Coltrell joins as Chairman and CEO

Tim Coltrell, a payments industry veteran, has joined as the Chairman and CEO. Tim brings extensive financial services experience in both Fin Tech startups as well as large financial institutions. offers thousands of affinity design payment cards to US consumers, and is a leading originator of customers online via social and mobile channels.

Caribou Honig, a Founding Partner of QED Investors and a board member of, said