fbRads: Easy access to Facebook’s Marketing API from R

If you're a CARD.com customer, there's a good chance you discovered us through one of our ads on Facebook. In this post, we dig deeper into how software developers create, scale and automate their ads using Facebook's Marketing API. If you've never thought about how ads show up on Facebook, check out this introductory video, and if the word "API" means nothing to you, here are few ways to explain one.

Facebook announced the general availability of its Marketing API at the F8 2015 conference in March, making it possible for developers around the world to build their own advertising solutions. Inspired by this move, we decided to open-source the related codebase, developed internally in R, to encourage data-driven marketers to harness Facebook's rich APIs. The R package has been released with the name fbRads.

What You Need to Know About the New EMV Chip Cards

If you’ve received a new credit card within the past year, chances are you’ve noticed some subtle changes to how you purchase things in stores. Instead of “swiping” your credit card, merchants are asking you to insert it into a slot (sometimes known as “dipping”).

Welcome to a smart new security device: the EMV chip. But what is this chip? Where did it come from and why do we need it?