Director of Public Relations and Communications

This position has been filled. To view all open positions head to our careers page <3 you

This position has been filled. To view all open positions head to our careers page issues branded mobile branchless bank accounts in partnership with the world’s most recognizable brands, bands, celebrities and causes. Our Members enjoy a feature-rich, FDIC-insured debit account, branded Visa card, and mobile-first approach as a better, faster and cheaper alternative to the branch bank.

Our partners include Elvis, Sesame Street, Star Trek, The Walking Dead, Garfield, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Fox and causes like the National Autism Association, Breast Cancer Awareness, and Gay Pride.

We are seeking a Director of Public Relations and Communications to oversee and champion communications across multiple brands that are connected under our larger umbrella brand Your experience working in communications and PR makes you passionate about its role as a highly leveragable, cost-effective, impactful part of a business’ success.

You know how to effectively adapt an idea to create a campaign that will result in increased positive consumer awareness. Such campaigns will harness the power of the press and the goodwill of our loyal consumer base and you will be able to clearly communicate and persuade others that your ideas for engagement are part of an agreed strategic vision and articulated strategy.
ROI is something you personally consider - utilizing time and resources wisely. You are comfortable conducting independent research, demonstrate resourcefulness and can generate ideas and find answers. But you also have developed and presented communication strategies and budgets for management approval.


  • 10+ years experience in Communications and Public Relations
  • Proven experience with spearheading new product launches
  • Proven experience with implementing corporate communication structure and strategy
  • Comfortable and experienced pitching both known and unknown contacts. You will enjoy selling in your ideas and are a confident, persuasive and effective communicator
  • You work best in a highly visible, high-demand role
  • Exceptional writing and communications skills
  • You manage 1 – 5 people with ease

Who are you?

  • In the last 10 years, you have been an integral member and leader of a launch team that successfully launched a lifestyle product or products.
  • You have extensive and demonstrable experience leveraging traditional brand, fashion, and celebrity communications and PR strategies to launch and provide ongoing support for lifestyle products
  • You have experience with business and corporate communications, internal communications and issues management and can speak to all disciplines of communication
  • You have a personal and/or a professional interest in the various ways technology/social media are changing banking for the every-woman/man
  • You are knowledgeable, and can speak to how communications strategy links into and supports business and marketing strategies. You have developed and presented communications and PR plans and budgets for management approval.
  • You have an incredible rolodex and experience pitching all media including digital outlets and smaller bloggers/vloggers/niche publishers as well as the business media
  • Comfortable working with and experienced in reporting to senior management
  • Innovative and able to partner in the drive for new ideas that leverage communications, partnerships, relationships, commerce, and social commerce for revenue growth
  • You are opportunistic and able to identify and leverage opportunities as they arise- every event or moment is an opportunity to continue the story of the brand, Every news event is an opportunity to engage on social media, invite an outlet, talk about a new product or angle, etc.

What do you get to do?

  • Bring communications and PR in-house and consolidate multiple agencies
  • Grow our Brand presence through multiple media channels and help grow a proven successful business model that is generating huge buzz – people WANT to talk with you!
  • Manage traditional PR efforts, digital outreach strategy, product gifting/seeding and various entrepreneurial social media collaborations with outlets, events, corporate strategy (business press and lead execs)
  • Lead’s internal and external communications
  • Coach team members in press communications
  • Work closely with brand managers and in house teams to ensure all processes around asset creation and delivery, samples and all the tools you need to be effective are in place
  • Tell us all the pieces missing from the job description to create an effective, efficient, collaborative and powerful communications group within


We are a group of motivated, analytical and fun-loving nerds. We are building a different kind of banking service, which starts by being a service that each of us uses and loves. We are trying to make banking fair, fashionable, and fun.

We are located in sunny Santa Monica, CA and provide competitive salaries and full health and medical benefits. Best of all, we are nice people and you will like us.

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