Hello useR!2014 attendee!

Like you, we're very excited about R and stats and insist on rigorous statistical learning to design every possible aspect of our card member experience. We're also Open Source nuts, so we decided to build our internal analytics platforms in R, our website using Drupal and all this on an Ubuntu foundation. Look around CARD.COM and come ask us how we do it and how you can help! (For a quick overview check out some slides from Big Data Camp LA.)

If you're at UseR! this July, look for us and throw some questions our way!

  • Yafei Huang [Data Scientist, Breathes Stats, Reads the tea leaves]
  • Matt Chapman [Open Source Engineer, Drupal Wizard, Security Ninja, Matriculates Learning Algorithms]
  • Yinghua Hu [Senior Data Scientist, Makes their data speak to our data, Can talk to Impalas and Baby Elephants]
  • Ajay Gopal [Director of Data Science, Manages our roadmap, Needs a GPS, Likes adjacency matrices]

Wanna join our team?
You could be our new Senior R Developer.

Not an R Guru yet? Tell us about roles that you'll excel in and we'll e-mail you when a relevant position opens up: